The Coconut Monkey Project

'The Coconut Monkey Project' documents the original paintings and vintage coconut monkey collection of freelance illustrator and tiki bartender Susannah Mosher. For everyone into Tiki Art, Vintage Hawaii and Hawaiiana, Retro Kitch, and Cocktail Culture, Shag, and oh yes. . . Monkeys!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Tiki Oasis A-Go-Go!

What a blast!
Met some great folks, listened to some great tiki tunes, had some amazing drinks!
Highlights: Meeting my heros artists Derek Yaniger
Stewart of

Being an assitant mixologyst for the great Beachbum Berry During his amazing Historical Tiki Drink symposium.

Go Go Dancing with the devilettes! :)

Oh yes, and seeing my coconut monkey prints on display in thier great new home-The Freaky Boutiki in San Diego-right on the beach-they love it! You will too!

Here are some fun picks. . . can't wait til next year!


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