The Coconut Monkey Project

'The Coconut Monkey Project' documents the original paintings and vintage coconut monkey collection of freelance illustrator and tiki bartender Susannah Mosher. For everyone into Tiki Art, Vintage Hawaii and Hawaiiana, Retro Kitch, and Cocktail Culture, Shag, and oh yes. . . Monkeys!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A very special print offer for Tonga Hut Art Show!

Aloha friends,

I am excited to announce a VERY SPECIAL OFFER/CHALLENGE
exclusively for Tiki Central members and Coconut Monkey Project fans!

Just bring your coconut monkey offering to The Tonga Hut Sat. Dec. 16th 7-Midnight, to receive your treasure!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Coconut Monkey Prints are HERE!

Just in time for the Holidays!
*These are limited edition signed prints. They will be available Saturday, Dec. 16th at Tonga Hut art show!

For those who can only be there with us in spirit contact me via e-mail with your order/inquiry and we can set up easy payment through paypal.

This holiday, show you care, give a coconut monkey.
Monkeys make people happy.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Aloha friends,

Here is the latest painting to emerge from the Coconut Monkey Project studio.

This particular coconut monkey was given to me by a good friend before he moved to New York. It had belonged to his grandfather, and had been in the family as long as he could remember.

The character, shape and expression of the coconut monkeys often inspire my choice of background motif and color palette. In this case I was equally inspired by this quirky, buck-toothed, shag-haired monkey, and the person who gave it to me.
The result? A sort of Eames era hipster, atomic beatnik coconut monkey.

I hope you enjoy!